Through the research theme, “Proteome Dynamics in Health, Disease and Treatment”, the BCPN supports proteomics research projects that address critical health issues. In particular the network facilitates collaborations between proteomics approaches and clinical genomics, bioinformatics and metabolomics in clinical research and translational medicine.

Small Projects Health Research Grants

To help launch new proteomics projects in BC, the BCPN holds a competition for seed funding for pilot projects, the Small Projects Health Research Grants (SPHRG) program. The purpose of the SPHRG program is to encourage BC based research groups to develop innovative research programs that use proteomics as a tool for biological research in human health.  Individual grants are limited to $20,000.  2015 SPHRG forms

SPHRG recipients

BCPN Collaborative Research Projects

The BCPN currently supports the following collaborative research project within the local research community.

Chromosome 6 Human Proteome Project
A global chromosome-centric Human Proteome Project was officially launched at the HUPO 2010 meeting. This initiative aims to identify, quantify and characterize the complete human proteome which contains over 20,000 protein coding genes. A group of BC-led collaborative researchers will lay the groundwork for the Canadian contribution towards the Human Proteome Project.  The pilot project will focus on the identification and quantitation of proteins coded by chromosome 6.

Please contact info(at) if you wish to discuss opportunities for collaboration.