The BC Proteomics Network (BCPN) is a growing network of research professionals from universities, research institutions and industry throughout British Columbia.  Formed in 2007 to expand proteomics expertise, awareness and research across BC, the BCPN is a vehicle for unifying people who share a common interest in proteomics research.

The network provides:

  • educational activities such as lectures, workshops and symposia
  • training opportunities in proteomics
  • access to research infrastructure including instrument service and proteomics software
  • coordination of proteomics research grants
  • research collaboration opportunities
  • establishment of large scale proteomics initiatives

For more information on becoming a BCPN  member, please visit the members section of the website.

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Major funding for the network is provided by the 

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Travel awards to attend proteomics conferences/workshops are available up to a limit of Read More

On the Calendar

CNPN/BCPN Symposium

May 01/18 - May 04/18

The 10th Annual Canadian National Proteomics Network Symposium in conjunction with the BC Proteomics Network Symposium will be taking place in Vancouver at the SFU Harbour Conference Center on May 1-4, 2018.




Membership in the BC Proteomics Network is open to BC professionals involved in proteomics including principal investigators, companies, institutional administrators, students and postdoctoral fellows